Motorcycle accidents

Daytona is the motorcycle capital of the world. This means lots and lots of motorcycles. No-fault laws, however, do not apply to motorcycles in Florida, and while you will probably have a permanent injury if you are involved in a crash, that is not a requirement to get a recovery beyond your medical bills and lost wages. You can recover your wage loss, medical bills and recover for pain and suffering - but no money is generally available until the case is settled, many times months or even years later. You can, of course, insure yourself with a major medical policy or an HMO specifically pay for a disability policy, but there is no legal requirement to do so.

Because of the seriousness of many motorcycle accidents, medical bills and lost wages can be substantial. Unless the person causing the crash has good insurance, many of these claims do not result in a large recovery. An attorney can help by investigating the accident promptly and by helping to discover insurance that may not be easily recognized. One example would be the situation where a business sends an employee on an errand - and the employer becomes responsible and must pay if his employee causes injury. Most businesses have insurance to pay these types of claims. When there is limited insurance, an attorney can also help by trying to get hospitals and other medical providers to compromise their bills under a theory that everyone gets something or nobody gets anything.

Florida has a four (4) year statute of limitations on these types of injuries. However, please do not wait that long to make a claim. Call us now.

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