Sexual abuse of children

Institutional sexual abuse of children is among the worst type of abuse imaginable. Whether the abuse is perpetrated by clergy, teachers, day care centers, members of the medical community or even scouting leaders - the results on the child is disastrous. The sexual abuse itself combined with the fact that it is performed by someone in an authority position over children can cause a lack of trust in our institutions by the victims that can last a lifetime. The sexual predators that abuse these children generally have familiar patterns of abusing children for years. They have been caught, prosecuted and simply gotten the job anyway because the person hiring them did not do their homework in researching the predator's past. It is not unusual to hear a former employer exclaim with disgust "is he/she doing that again?" These predators must be stopped. One way you can help is to make your claim and force these predators out in the open, thereby exposing them to the world. You don't want them to do this to another child.

Sexual abuse by baby sitters, while less common, is another scenario where the claims can occur. Baby sitters (male or female) usually have repetitive histories of this type of behavior, and while it is difficult to understand why parents of a baby sitter that has perpetrated these types of acts on other children would allow their child to baby sit again, it does happen. An action can be commenced against the homeowners insurance of the parent on a negligent supervision or control theory.

If you have a claim, do not delay and permit these vicious predators to continue this pattern.

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