Spinal cord injury

In most major injury claims there never is enough insurance coverage to pay all the bills and the damage that has been inflicted.

The wrongdoers who cause major injuries never have enough money to pay for hundreds of thousands in medical care, the future cost of lifetime care or a lifetime of lost earnings which result.

Maximizing recoveries for those who have suffered catastrophic spinal cord injuries usually involves litigation with insurance companies. When clients contact us immediately for full and complete advice on their rights after being injured, we are better able to collect full value for a spinal cord injury. A full and fair value can be recovered after an insurance company rejects a fair and reasonable offer to settle for policy limits.

Often clients in these cases are rendered totally unemployable by an accident or can work only in a less demanding and lesser paying job. In a many cases, it may take a team of experts to present a full and fair picture of the overwhelming losses sustained as the result of a spinal cord injury. A vocational rehabilitation counselor will define the loss of employment opportunities. An economist may be asked to project lost earning capacity or future lost wages over the client's pre-accident work life expectancy. The client's psychologists or psychiatrists may be asked to describe the client's mental condition and explain how his spinal cord injury has affected his family relationships.

Our firm seeks compensation for your:

•Pain and suffering
•Emotional trauma
•Medical expenses
•Lost income and future lost income
•Nursing and companion care
•Medical equipment
•Physical therapy
•Handicapped housing
•Transportation needs

James W. Ledford, P.A., along with the help of experienced associates in many areas wants to help individuals and their families after a devastating injury has affected them.

Our goal is to make a substantial financial difference in their lives and to restore, to the full extent of the law, what has been taken from them.

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